What if SleepGeeks can't help us?

We promise to help families who contact us to the best of our abilities. If we cannot suggest a possible solution, we will return the client's fee immediately.

What sort of sleep training do you advocate?

We do not advise any sleep training methods which may cause stress to a child. We do not advise sleep training for babies under 6 months. However our Newborn Session is the ideal starting point for parents-to-be and parents of younger babies  to plan for healthy sleep habits in the future.


We are wholly committed to respecting the client's privacy and confidentiality. We do not share client's details with anyone or any organisation without their express permission or at their request. We undertake to handle all personal or sensitive information in accordance with GDPR.

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SleepGeeks: gentle evidence-based advice and practical solutions to improve sleep for babies and children

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