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We know that your family is unique and so is your child. We are holistic sleep consultants focussing on gentle strategies which don’t cause stress or suffering. "Holistic sleep coaching" means looking at the child as a whole, taking into account health, diet, life situation, personality, family dynamics and all the things that go into making your child the unique and wonderful person they are. 


This is why we prefer to talk to the family and carefully consider their needs before we make any recommendations. You will find that we try to work with the family’s preferences as far as possible - but we don’t advocate “crying it out”. 

Attention to Detail

We pay attention to research and evidence around sleep and child development (hence the “geek” part of our name). 

In most cases we ask for a detailed questionnaire and a sleep diary. We offer ongoing phone or email support. 

No Wild Promises

Even though many of our clients have remarkably quick results (see What Clients Say), we do not claim to be able to “fix” your child’s sleep problems, or promise that they will be sleeping through the night in a specified time frame, because that's just stupid. 


If, on meeting you and your family, we realise that your situation is one we can’t help with, we will refund your consultation fee immediately. 

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SleepGeeks: gentle evidence-based advice and practical solutions to improve sleep for babies and children

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