SleepGeeks Nursery Rhyme Package

For parents of babies and children 3 months and older

Step One:

This package is designed to find workable solutions for better family sleep. For a more in-depth level of holistic sleep support, or if your child has been experiencing sleep problems for a prolonged period, we suggest you opt for an in-home consultation. This way the SleepGeek can understand even better what your family dynamic is - your parenting style, your child’s temperament etc and may be able more quickly to work out helpful suggestions. This package includes six weeks of ongoing support. 

We will ask you to complete a confidential questionnaire and to keep a sleep diary for at least four days. We'll send you the framework for this, and talk you through the process. The questionnaire and diary help us to understand your family better. We are not traditional sleep trainers but holistic sleep coaches for babies and children - so we believe in taking time to learn about the family's unique situation. 

Step Two:

One of us will meet for up to 2 hours at a mutually convenient time Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We'll listen carefully to you and talk through some ideas.

Step Three:

The Sleepgeeks then put their geeky heads together and come up with a tailor-made, detailed action plan. After we've shared this with you we offer another six weeks of phone and email contact, free. We recommend you keep up your sleep diary during this period. Additional consultations may be scheduled for an additional fee. 

Nursery Rhymes Package Fee: £220 for in home visit, £195 by Skype

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